good/bad layouts


This first one is an example of good layout. The design overall is proportional, the colors are applicable to the product and the images and text all relate to each other. Other notes about the layout are:

  •  central layout of images
  • headline of important text including the brand name
  • less important logos and text are smaller utilizing the hierarchal scale
  • clear, readable font type
  •  red and green colors are complimentary and provide contrast against the white background
  • product is displayed clear and simple


This is a bad example. Took me a while to figure it out, but the text placement and effect is hilariously atrocious. “Shit yourself” instead of “suit yourself”…classic. Even the reflection in the word “yourself” makes it looks as though there’s an “X” and an “H” in there. Other notes about the layout  are:

  • Poor use of text color. Even though it pops in the blue background, black may have been a better choice.
  • the text is distracting. Even if you can look past the glaring spelling error, the color and effect make it stand out too much, taking away from the focal point of the lady in the suit.
  • the visual hierarchy isn’t clear to me but perhaps its due to the fact that i can’t get over the font

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